Professional Detailing

Exterior Only

  • High pressure rinse to remove surface contaminates

  • Your vehicle is then submerged in our  deep cleansing, gentle automotive soap formula using high pressure foam cannon

  • Hand washed using microfiber wash mitt and dirt trap filter to protect your vehicle from scratches 

  • Complete clay to remove all fall-out, rail dust, paint contaminates from all paint and glass surfaces. 

  • Clean/degrease door jams, door sills, wheel wells etc.

  • Clean all wheels using soft-bristle wheel brush accompanied with our non-harmful high concentrate wheel degreaser to remove stuck on brake dust, road contaminates, grease and more. 

  • Complete engine bay degrease then dressed to perfection.

  • Tires dressed with our quick-dry, non-slick tire formula 

  • One layer of hi gloss gold class wax.

  • All exterior black trim dressed.

  • Wheels are given final wipe down with microfiber towels

  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned using our streak-free automotive foaming glass cleaner

  • Nano wax applied for final surface protection 


                STARTING AT 150.00

Full DETAIL Package


This Package includes all that is listed in both our exterior and interior package options.  Vehicles with extreme pet dander..mold will be subject to additional cost thank you.  

Prices vary per vehicle; subject to change depending on the condition and size of your vehicle. 

  1. 2 or 4 Door Sedan/COUPE     $280.00           

  2. Mini-Van/SUV                        $300.00

  3. Large SUV/Truck/Van              $325.00

Interior Only


Vehicles with extreme pet dander /mold will be subject to additional cost thank you. Please remove all personal belongings prior to this service

  • Complete blow out of full interior including dash, center counsel, trunk section, vents, side of seats, etc.

  • Heavy duty vacuuming and carpets shampooed

  • Non-abrasive steam clean and foam-brush method cleanse of all interior trim and panels.

  • Full leather cleaning and leather conditioning using light, non-greasy, non-shiny leather treatment (or shiny if preferred.)

  • Final wipe down and vacuum

  • Interior glasses/ windows/ mirrors 

       Cleanse the interior of all windows.


           Starting at $150.00

New Car Prep Package


This package includes our full detail package in addition with a set of coatings to your vehicle. (Videos on page is in reference to this package)



  • 2 layers of crystal syrum on all painted exterior surfaces

  • 1 layer of exo on all painted exterior surfaces

  • 1 layer of G1 rain repelant on all windows and glass 

  • 1 layer of  plastic shield on plastic

  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper Coating on rims

  • 2 stages of paint correction 


  • Blow out & vacuum of all carpets and floor mats then coat with Gtechniq's Smart fabric.

  • Full Interior Steam clean let air dry  then coat with Gtechniq's Smart fabric .

  • lightly clean all leather  Seats then coat with Gtechniq l1

  • Clean  & coat  all panels with Gtechiq smart fabric

          Starting at $500.00

Paint Correction

Single Step Correction

This service is designed mainly for brand new or fairly new vehicles that only have minor defects that need to be corrected. Most people would think that a new or nearly new vehicle that was just delivered wouldn’t need to be corrected, but unfortunately this is far from the truth. Most new vehicles need at least a one step correction service, if not more. Defects can include wash induced marring from the dealership wash bay, holograms from the production line, or even over spray from outside repairs while sitting on the lot at the dealership.  With this package your vehicle will receive a one step machine polish before the surface is protected with sealant or wax (for maximum protection after correction check out our ceramic pro coating!!). For a new vehicle with light swirls and defects you can expect 90%+ correction, and you will truly have a brand new car. If you have a daily driven vehicle with some heavier defects, this package can be appropriate since it might not be a fiscally intelligent idea to spend lots of money correcting a car that sits out in the elements 24/7. For a vehicle that falls into this category you can expect 65%-80% correction depending on the initial condition of the paintwork.

Service Details:​

  • Hand wash exterior of vehicle, dry with compressed air, blot dry door, trunk, and hood jams

  • Clean the wheel faces, wheel barrels, tires, and fender wells

  • Dress tires and fender wells with low gloss, non-sling, dressing

  • Use clay bar on paint, glass, and wheels to removed bonded contaminants

  • Single step of machine polishing performed on exterior paintwork

  • Car Pro synthetic sealant applied to paintwork, glass, and wheels for protection

  • Door jams cleaned and sealed with Car Pro Reload synthetic sealant

  • Exterior plastic trim cleaned and dressed, exterior metal trim polished and sealed

  • Interior lightly vacuumed and wiped down

Prices Start at $500.00


Two Step Correction

While a single step of correction will make a drastic difference in the gloss and clarity of a vehicle's paint, there are some instances where the desired results are not achievable with just one step off correction. For a vehicle that has heavier defects, or a client looking for as close to perfect as it can possibly get; we offer our Restoration Detail. This service includes everything from the Rejuvenation Detail and adds and additional step of paint correction. Depending on the initial condition of the paintwork, this service will remove 85-90% of the defects. Short of sanding a finish, this is the best correction that you can ask for. 

Prices Start at $1000.00

(For a more accurate price please stop in with the vehicle)