Professional Detailing

Exterior Only



  • Hot water foam wash 

  • Complete clay to remove all fall-out, rail dust, paint contaminates from all paint and glass surfaces. 

  • Complete paint decontamination.

  • Clean all wheels including inside and behind the wheel wells. 

  • Degrease clean and dress tires and wheels.

  • Complete engine bay degrease cleaning then dressed to perfection.

  • One step polish to remove minor improfections on surface of paint.

  • One layer of glaze for additional  gloss.

  • All exterior black trim dressed.

  • Nano hot wax applied for  final surface protection and more...

Starting at $150.00

Full Package


This Package includes all that is listed in both our exterior and interior package options.

Prices very per vehicle; subject to change depending on the condition your vehicle is in.

2 Door Coupe                        $200.00

4 Door Sedan                         $250.00

Small SUV/Truck/Mini-Van      $275.00

Large SUV/Truck/Van              $290.00

Interior Only


Vehicles with extreme pet dander /mold will be subject to additional cost thank you.


  • Complete blow out and vacuum of full interior including trunk section, under and side of seats.

  • Heavy duty steam cleaning and shampooing.

  • Clean/degrease door jams, door sills, etc.

  • Scrubbing of all interior leather and or cloth and panels.

  • Removal of all door entry scuff/skid marks due to transfer from shoes, etc. in door jams

  • Full leather cleaning and leather conditioning using light, non-greasy, non-shiny leather treatment. or shiny if prefferd.

  • Clean and treat all windows interior  and exterior.


Starting at $150.00

New Car Prep Package


This package includes our full detail package in addition with a set of coatings to your vehicle. (Videos on page is in reference to this package)



  • 2 layers of crystal syrum on all painted exterior surfaces

  • 1 layer of exo on all painted exterior surfaces

  • 1 layer of G1 rain repelant on all windows and glass 

  • 1 layer of  plastic shield on plastic

  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper Coating on rims

  • 2 stages of paint correction 


  • Blow out & vacuum of all carpets and floor mats then coat with Gtechniq's Smart fabric.

  • Full Interior Steam clean let air dry  then coat with Gtechniq's Smart fabric .

  • lightly clean all leather  Seats then coat with Gtechniq l1

  • Clean  & coat  all panels with Gtechiq smart fabric

Starting at $500.00